Make an Educated Decision


Natural vs. Man-Made Diamonds

Advanced technology has given consumers options when shopping for a diamond. The choice is between a natural diamond that has been mined from the earth and a man-made diamond produced in a laboratory using technology that replicates the natural diamond growing process. 

Lab-created diamonds are chemically, physically, and optically identical to diamonds originating from nature.  Both have the same composition and atomic structure, producing the same beauty and durability.  The process of creating diamonds in a lab is less expensive than mining resulting in lab-created diamonds costing 20%-50% less than mined diamonds which are crafted by nature over millions of years.  Mined diamonds are inherently valuable and precious. The number of recovered mined diamonds peaked in 2005 and has decreased every year since.  Natural mined diamonds are finite, rare, and genuinely unique and because of this, they will hold their value better than lab-created diamonds.

Selecting Perfect Diamonds

We invite you to stop by Bartlett Jewelers to compare lab-created versus natural diamonds. Our goal is to ensure that you select a diamond that is perfect for you and your loved one.

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